Create a Game Character: JousterThis is a series of 10 tutorials. The softwares used are Photoshop, Mayaand  ZBrush. The tutorials are intended for intermediate users with some knowledge of the software being used, plus a base understanding of character art workflow. There are many different processes, tools and workflows available when creating characters. I’ll keep things simple by explaining the process and techniques that I use in my own workflow. Although some steps may focus on specific software tools, they should be somewhat transferable between different software packages.

During this tutorial series I will cover:

1. Blocking in the proportions
2. Sculpting the face
3. Sculpting the armor
4. Creating the armor meshes
5. Finalizing the details
6. Creating the low poly model
7. UV unwrapping and texture baking
8. Texturing the armor
9. Texturing the face
10. Model presentation in Marmoset